Are you a dark mode fan? I promise you - you will when you read this!⁠

The Back Edition looks extremely cool but when you open the box it shows its real beauty!⁠ You find inside a selection of the best component following our passion to keep it sustainable.⁠

Natural Laval stones will replace wooden cubes. The Terra Globe will be high-quality heat transfer printed wood. Your eyes will be blinded by the polished metal coins and everything finds a place in a sustainable tray.⁠

Wanna know more - visit the Campaign on Tuesday, Oct. 5th at 10AM (EST)⁠


Terraternity wants to say Thank you for following our journey and joining our Giveaway. We have their lucky winners worldwide, and we will start on October 5th at 10 am EST our Kickstarter Campaign. We hope we will see you there ad you support the creation of Terraternity.

The Winner of our 1st giveaway is Antonios Notaridis - Greece

Congratulations Antonios, we wish you a lot of fun, tension, and moments of awareness with Terraternity - The Card Challenge.
Thank you for joining our giveaway.

The Winner of our 2nd giveaway is Melissa Cunningham - USA

Congratulations Melissa, we are sure you and your team will save Terra in a game of Terraternity - The Energy Challenge.
Thank you for joining our giveaway.

The Winner of our 3rd and last giveaway is Philipp Bornschein

Congratulations Philipp, congrats you won the 3rd giveaway today.
You will get a combo pack, Terraternity - The Card Challenge and Terratenity - The Energy Challenge. Have fun and play hard to save Terra.

Terraternity = Terra + eternity

Terraternity is a euro-style, worker placement game with a touch of dexterity!
Select 1 of 4 characters and play cooperative or competitive to stop climate change

Terraternity is earth-friendly and educational

We used recycled materials and biodegradable or natural products.
Instead of plastic miniatures, you find wood pieces colored with safe inks,
so it is not only safe for our planet but safe for us too.
Learn the world countries, their locations, capitals, and how much CO2 they produce.
A fun and educational game!

Terraternity used real word data and game mechanics

We place CO2 every day on our planet, and it does not feel complicated.
We do so in heating or cooling our homes, commuting by cars, trains or
buses, in general by living our lives. In Terraternity, you place CO2 in the
form of black wooden cubes on the Terra Globe. In the beginning, it is easy,
but with every year, the challenge grows, and the next climate disaster
will start when one cube drops.

Terraternity Game Board

Play the countries of the world and achieve a zero-carbon footprint in 10 years' time, but avoid disaster as they end your game sooner.

Creators, Scientists, Medics and Techies will save Terra - Who are you?

Welcome, let us introduce what our special capabilities are.

Plan your action on your player board!

On the player board, your strategy transforms into action!

  • Player-Board-Creator-Female.png
  • Player-Board-Creator-Male.png
  • Player-Board-Medic-Female.png
  • Player-Board-Medic-Male.png
  • Player-Board-Scientist-Female.png
  • Player-Board-Scientist-Male.png
  • Player-Board-Techie-Female.png
  • Player-Board-Techie-Male.png

Build Solar - Hydro - and Wind power plants.

Renewable energy sources will help us to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Workers are needed to mine resources or collect water in your countries.

As we focus on sustainability our workers are made from wood and with safe inks.

Every day we stack CO2 on our planet!

In Terraternity you need to stack black wooden CO2 on the Terra Globe.
If one is falling a disaster is created!

Now you saw a lot of images and renders!

Time to check out some real game pictures as the table presence is much better than all the images - see yourself!