A lot of people ask us what does terraternity mean?

When we worked on the design and artwork, we had a project title earth2care, but it was not really sticky and meaningful, so we reached out to friends and family to help us to  find a better name.

Terraternity – Terra and Eternity a great name from a very creative person. Thank you Marco fro your contribution

Terraternity is a combination of the two words Terra (Latin earth) and eternity. Terraternity is a name reminding us, that we have to do everything to protect our planet for our kids, grand kids and the billions of people in the generations of the future.

Earth was born 4.543 Billion years ago. A number describing eternity in years.  But in a short period of time, where we humans exist, we had some very negative impact.

The last year 2019 was 1.1°C / 1.98°F warmer than pre-industrial areas based on the UN Report of global climate (WMO-1248*). Experts warning us that the temperature increase can grow to 2°C / 3.6°F by the end of the century. This will change the world we know into a place of more health hazards and disasters due heat and pollution. What we all recognized in 2019 was an increase in droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and a rapid melting of glaciers. Warning signals our planet reminds us, that we have to act – now.

But how can I do something?

Small things can make a difference, that was why we designed a board game, that create awareness, educate and entertain. We hope you will have fun playing terraternity and discuss strategies, how to make countries CO2 neutral. But there is more to it. We will achieve a big step, if we focus on our own behavior. Start recycling and reduce waste in your environment – this will result in a reduction of CO2.

Let’s play, have fun and act mindful.

Igan and Peter