We are proud to announce that our Kickstarter pre-launch page is up and running and we climbed already over the 100 follower mark – this is super cool.
As an Indie Game Company, we need You to support the creating of new games like Terraternity. To be able to produce the game in a sustainable quality we decided to bring the game to Kickstarter as we would not be able to fund it without you all.

Why do we send this newsletter?
We ask you to support our initiative and fight with us together to make Terrternity happen and with that to create awareness for climate change.

We need 5 minutes of your time! Please support our pre-launch page and leave your email for notification. This costs nothing than some minutes so sign up, but it will help Terraternity to grow visibility and hopefully, a project we love will be one Kickstarter loves too!

What is Terraternity?

Terraternity = Terra + eternity is a euro-style, worker placement game with a touch of dexterity. 1 of 4 characters, play coop or competitive to stop climate change.