What does the name Terraternity mean?

A lot of people ask us what does terraternity mean? When we worked on the design and artwork, we had a project title earth2care, but it was not really sticky and meaningful, so we reached out to friends and family to help us to  find a better name. Terraternity - Terra and Eternity a great [...]

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What kind of game is Terraternity?

Terraternity is a semi cooperative game for 2 to 4 players. All players have to team up and help each other to win the game. Sounds too easy to be true and it isn’t. Terraternity is a little bit like real life, things are going sometimes different than planned and they can go very wrong when [...]

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Terraternity Website is live!

Dear friends and families, it was a some work but now we did it. The domain terraternity.com is registered and we started with the website development. What you see now is the first version and we will upload more information and pictures showing the progress of our game development. Stay tuned and come back regularly [...]

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